• nidhi16 22w

    You are not canny.

    Why do you create so much mess.
    When she wears a short dress,
    Why do you put her in a situation of tense,
    Looking at her cleavage awkwardly doesn't make any sense.
    Why do you judge her character?
    Who gave you such right to act like predictor.
    Do you think that she is inviting you?
    Nobody has asked you to give review.
    Do you think that you have right?
    When she talks to you so polite.
    When she smiles at you in a friendly manner,
    You just start to look at her like a scanner.
    Why do you make her feel doubt,
    When you look at her body and checkout.
    Sometimes she ignores and departs,
    When you make fun of her sexual parts.
    Why do look in a lusty way at her thighs,
    She isn't wrong only you have bad eyes.
    She doesn't influence you,
    You need to change your view.
    ©Nidhi Nanda