• meeyat15 9w


    I keep to myself, quiet as a mouse,
    Silence is good in this very big house,

    Sometimes when you speak,
    I'm not sure what to say,
    If you're happy or hurt,
    I might not hear it that way,

    Things don't look the same to you and me,
    Where I see a forest, you see a tree,
    When I hear a wind blowing strong in the sky,
    You hear a gentle breeze as it softly goes by,

    If I don't understand, I easily cry,
    Wishing I could tell you, I don't know why,
    And if I do understand, I desist from eye contact,
    Because I don't know what to do when you react,

    Say what you think, easy and clear
    I only understand exactly what I hear,
    If I can't find the right words to answer you,
    Look at me carefully and watch what I do,

    Be patient with me, I know it takes time,
    But once you know me, it'll be just fine,
    And I'll even tell you about that time,
    That I kidnapped Marisa,
    And fed her to the hungry hyenas.