• teefoma 6w

    She Chose Us

    You chose us
    Instead of yourself
    Many would chosen pleasure
    Instead of a life of pain.
    But you gave it with resilience.

    You are a true definition
    Of a virtuous woman
    That the holy book talked about
    It would have been anybody else
    Who would have bore me.

    But I'm glad you did
    I'm proud to call you my own
    Sometimes, I wonder
    If I could ever give as much as
    You have given us.

    Sacrifice was named after you
    Without anyone knowing.
    It's been twenty years..
    How time flies
    Still you chose us
    You chose to give us oneness
    And unity.

    Instead of letting the world
    To feed on us like flies.
    I wish I could give you the
    World on this special
    Day of yours.
    But then, I can't pay
    This undying love of yours

    I wish showing you how much I really do
    Appreciate you, were not
    Written words...
    But I would keep them in the
    Template of my heart
    And write them to world
    as imaginary lines
    Though they aren't imaginary
    But true reality.

    Happy birthday
    To My Dear Mother.