• thephenomenal 5w

    I still keep chasing her shadow

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    Was it like a snap
    Or when the eyebrow hug each other
    365 nights and days
    Make the motion of the earth round the sun

    Witnessing thrice of it
    On a race for your shadow
    I shun the crucial seconds
    With some irritating stunts

    I felt sober for my actions
    Keep having her as an illusion
    That's looks like a dirty motivation
    Sugarcoated words to submit petition

    I keep chasing my dream
    But destiny puncture the rim
    Now I run like a goat with no limb
    She increases the love hormone in me daily

    Dumping action movie for the love ones
    Nomenclate her to be half galfwend
    The definition of her silly YES
    Is all letters that makes up strength

    Her serious NO
    Spur the weakness in me
    Quench my thirst for any
    Form of public ladies

    Nurse her babylic relationship
    I never think of building mine
    Stood by her in the zero output
    She wanted me to have a skirt input.

    Her fallacy put up my smile
    It reverse makes me frown
    Even if I dont have her
    I want to have a daughter like her