• thewordplayer 10w


    You doubt my nationalism
    because I am a social nag?
    because I question your humanity?
    or because I don't burn my neighbour country's flag?

    You call me an agnostic
    you say my head should be blown
    Is it because I question when you slaugter in the name of religion?
    or because I don't defame any other religion which isn't my own?

    I don't forward "bharat mata ki jay" on whatsapp
    Neither I post a Tiranga on the Independence day
    Does it mean I need to leave this country?
    Does it mean I don't deserve to stay?

    But who are you to ask me to leave?
    What makes you think you are not a scum?
    Is it because you tweet #pkmkb?
    or is it because you chant "jay shree ram"?

    You have filled this country with corruption
    You are eroding it right from its feet
    well Look at the irony,
    You wave the tiranga on Independence day,
    but next day you throw it onto the street.

    You cannot submerge my voice
    I have every right to post my point of view
    I love my country so i respect its diversity
    and that makes me an INDIAN, much more than any of you.