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    Crushes always are the most beautiful part of our fantasies aren't they?
    so here i have my experience over what did i feel..??

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    Passing Fancy

    "featuring" me
    protagonisting him
    This is an ancedote
    from my early days
    when directions were unclouded
    but destination slashed behind a foggy lens
    when sunshine was in pipedreaming
    and nights were insomniac
    when he was my first coffee
    and my last pillow talk
    when he was my julius
    and I was his calpurnia
    wait wait wait
    we were not swains
    neither were twains
    were mere compeers
    who shared same wavelenghts
    cause we dealt out lectures
    in a room same
    The room where board was the focus
    but he was my focus
    The first thing my orbs searched for
    when i entered that class
    was that doe eyed faced
    full of devitry
    yet soothing
    Those six hours
    held me apart
    His very squint was enough
    enough to take my breath away
    leaning by my hand
    i had my own sphere made
    putting aside lectures
    putting aside mates
    I tried connecting
    to get closer yet late
    so that he may be smelled
    and be with my soul
    attached firmly
    without a thread