• opeolu 23w

    Those words "I'm fine"
    Slide out of your mouth as fast as ever
    But you know deep down
    That being fine seems to take forever

    As much as you try to smile through it all
    It chokes you tighter than ever before

    A times, it's so hard to comprehend
    Everything encapsulated in a single feeling
    You really want life to end
    But a inner you wants to "breathe"

    You're fed up
    But you can't give up
    Life isn't being fair at all
    You try to fathom whose fault
    Yours or yours?

    Avoided by everyone
    Ignored by the closest ones

    You watch life toss you to and fro
    Like a kitchen napkin
    Turns you on and off
    Like a switch

    Yet, as complicated as things seem to be
    In you lies a little flame of hope
    Burning with fragility

    You know it's not over
    You believe you're strong enough

    But your faith is shrunken
    Like a dry leaf trodden

    "How worse can life be?"
    You ask the inner being

    "Trying times make you stronger"
    That's the little answer

    A thousand meanings in a single word
    To it, you decide to hold on

    You so won't give up
    No matter what

    You've seen that bright future
    It lies in wait with so much patience
    Waiting for you to come explore
    All the goodies it's got in stock

    Keep pushing hard
    Giving up is no option