• deanthebard 24w

    Independent Tracks

    Our world has no resemblance
    To the place where once we came
    One soul remained so loyal
    The other absorbed from blame

    What was born just as a favour
    Soon became routine
    Expectations fuelled by greed
    From a heart once so serene

    When eyes gaze into water
    All that they can see
    The soul stripped down to basic
    A pure reality

    Cast a stone of darkness
    The ripples they will spread
    Destroy the truth we knew
    Confusion dances in your head

    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you
    Your heart will feel alone
    Nobody there to be your ear
    When life feels alone

    Life creates a balance
    You get back what you give
    Sometimes you break the circle
    To remember how to live

    Some cracks they have closure
    The ability to heal
    Other canyons last forever
    Uncrossable for real