• only1janelle 5w

    Finding My Way

    I never thought I'd be alone,
    At least not like this.
    Not without a man to hold,
    In a state of sheer colds bliss.

    Sitting in a state of silence,
    I ponder on what I did wrong.
    I only tried to love so pure,
    I thought my heart did belong.

    Realizing the fate of it now,
    The state of becoming frozen.
    Not able to move my lips,
    No flowers by the dozen.

    Falling to pieces all alone,
    My insides start to scream.
    My chest becoming tight,
    Hearts bursting at the seam.

    Surrounded by these walls,
    Growing smaller each day.
    No windows to peer from,
    Nothing left for me to say.

    Loneliness is a killer,
    Of that I can attest.
    Is anybody out there,
    Or is this just a test?

    My survival shall come,
    Once I leave this place.
    It's finding the way out,
    Before there's no trace.