• the_high_scribblers 22w

    Is this poetry?

    Everyday I hear my fellow writers tell me ,"keep your posts short so that they can be read while the person is scrolling." Frankly it is quite difficult to put up all the thoughts and feelings into words that less. It never is enough. They say "people will keep on going through, very less caring to stop and take a look at it if it is long." Those very few know what it is about. Is this the art we've been looking for? Writing one liners about sex? Single sentences screaming scrollable. Not many writers talk about it. Because they feel the same somewhere. Where's that pain of reading out a whole poem about a broken heart, the elation when completing a poem for your lover? Many reside behind those one liners, knowing their words are forgotten faster than they are consumed. Do not let us fall into a pool of empty pages, wasted ink, a whole nothingness. Fuck, this is poetry now.
    ©Anant and Harsh