• saniyapaul 5w

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld

    Trust me!
    I won't share your things to anyone
    Tell me your heart pains
    I will keep them in me
    Letting your heart get lighter and calm
    Also drop your agony of mind
    That would relieve you from violence
    Turn you calm as before
    Remember that!
    Brutality never works, yeah situations make you
    But try not to get into it
    It may lead you nowhere
    Else devastation
    Rain! be a stress reliever as before

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    Rain turned brutal...Why?

    O you rain!
    Why did you turn so brutal today?
    What made you cry so terribly?
    Why were you in a mood to disfigure all?
    What made your pain gut-wreching?
    Today you howled even more harder
    As if you trying to wind-up everything
    Then what made you to hush up again?