• sanchari 31w

    I'm at Peace now!

    They didn't let me live, mother
    But still I'm at peace now.
    I remember you sighed
    When I was born,
    You wanted me to be boy.
    I never understood,
    Why being a girl
    Was such a disappointment?
    But now I know the reason, mother.
    I understood that,
    Being a girl is such a pain,
    And being the mother
    Is perhaps harder.
    But you don't worry about me anymore,
    I'm at peace with myself now.
    But I'm afraid for my sisters now,
    Keep them safe, mother;
    Let them not meet the same fate as me,
    Teach them to defend themselves;
    For in this cruel society,
    No one stands up for the girls,
    Except the girls themselves;
    Teach them to fight for their right, mother
    And please never shed a tear for me,
    For I'm at peace with myself now.
    But I'm a bit worried,
    About how will I face my father above?
    I heard him moan my demise,
    As the monsters threw my body away;
    I heard him cry and howl from above, mother
    And it pained me to hear him that way;
    He had always been strong and firm
    For all the time he were with us;
    He didn't even cry when a bullet hit his chest,
    Yet today I heard him cry, mother
    But don't you worry about me anymore,
    For I'm at peace with myself now.