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    Story part 1

    The small room looked rugged, not very clean but dirty enough for anyone to guess that its been a few days since the last cleaning has happened.

    He was staring blank at the ceiling. The fan had stopped moving a minute back. The bulb that used to flicker a lot was finally dead. Dust was settling on the balcony rods. a few bottles of whiskey were lying empty below the bed.

    And his sleepy eyes were wide open, blank as if looking somewhere far or maybe somewhere within.Maybe he was looking at the ceiling for answers, for it had seen cross through the rough and smooth edges of life.

    How did it come to this? He could not pay the electricity bill of last month. He would never miss a call in his life, and yet their were 5 missed calls of the house owner in last 6 days and he knew for sure what it was for.

    The approaching ghost that was for some time at a distance has finally knocked the doors. He was nearing that point of dead end now..it was getting close, staring at him straight and ready to engulf him.