• saimaa_ 11w

    30 April, 1:23am

    Confined in her bedroom walls
    And lost in her own world
    Of hate, pain, jealousy, strees and death.
    She stood up from her cold floor lined with those colourful tiles which she never liked cuz colourful didn't defined her.
    She would get peace in those grey t-shirts and black leggings which were her go to.
    Those colours made her alive and reminded her that she wasn't meant to be bright like others who would smile at anything like an idiot.
    Sometimes she thought maybe it's fake but dude why to fake it u will get more wrinkles like this.
    Be real that's what I say
    But who am I giving advice to when u alone betray your own mind everyday.
    Ask yourself don't ur brain speaks those bad words when u help ur friend huh!!
    Don't he!!
    Becuz of all this wars
    I feel like a bad guy
    Who is just there for sometime
    Cuz u will know one day that she isn't gonna remember u
    And eventually u will also forget her
    Like she never existed.

    Hope someone reads it :)
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