• kotabhaargavisai_ 45w

    A feminal tale

    A woman's body is made of
    Fireworks and diamonds.
    With thunder borne eyes,
    Beautifully shaped as almonds.

    These sparkling eyes she has,
    Paves the way through the mist.
    Her invincible love in the heart,
    Vanquishes even the robust fist.

    she gets crowned as a warrior,
    Right from the moment she bleeds.
    Never she blames the destiny,
    For an arduous journey she leads.

    A doyenne in all the spheres,
    Who flawlessly juggles her roles.
    And this is what makes her -
    The most selcouth of all the souls.

    A daughter, a wife and to a mother,
    Exquisitely transmutes each chapter.
    Walks with the radiance of charisma,
    Casting her mesmerising laughter.

    - Kota Bhaargavi Sai