• raika 5w

    14th August. My favourite day of the year. (1947-2020)

    #bingoc vertical N and horizontal G

    /We write about hope in blue ink
    and we abandon poems,
    more often than we abandon people/

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    Homo Sapien(t)

    We are all voids, in a larger void
    attracting and repulsing
    surrounded by dark skies
    decorated with clouds- blotches of despair.
    We choose music over listening
    and writing over talking
    painting poetries over scars
    and songs over heartbreak.
    We scribble stars in our dreams
    coloured golden and orange
    but every dawn, we wake up to greys
    as wind dusted off the hues- the facades.

    //we are darkness, looking for light
    in between words and rhythms//