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    This hits me hard today
    Several Years ago this day on evening
    A little girl had a icecream bought by her father
    She was happily having that , it was so sweetest so ever on that day...
    She couldn't know the reason why it tastes so well today ??
    As she was so little .. thought to limitlessly have that one icecream to fullest
    She had her father beside on that day it seemed like the whole world was happy on that moment
    By the middle of icecream it starts to melt beforehand to finish it
    That little one doesn't know what to do but she couldn't finish as she was very happy her father beside , that was very blind love moment like how the daughters feel when their father is with them when whole world is against!!

    Icecream melted and half gone through the floor
    Her father knew it was so sweetest
    It was so happy moment of his littlest
    But he didn't utter anything ,that he will buy another
    Little one didn't care she wanted a hug from her father
    Her father gave a hug and kissess , she felt that so intense like the whole world and universe was admiring us both
    With that warmthlove she didn't mind the thing
    That Few minutes was like visiting whole world and galaxy has different forms and ways and my father has also so many different ways and forms of love to me on that every second .. then
    Her father departed from her without saying goodbye
    Little one was so curious that he will buy another icecream to live my life fullest and to enjoy it before it melts
    Her father didn't promised but she still had a hope

    After hours that was her last happy sweetest moment knowing that here after he would never return .. in her life

    Icecream melted
    Heart also melted
    Warmth died
    And tears was flowing on the floor

    My life was all melted to be enjoyed with him beforehand

    Papa, did really the icecream melted or your heart melted on that day
    I know it's your heart
    Even in the last moment you gave me only the sweetest versions of life ✨✨

    Like how Adam and eve had one magical fruit from God
    I had the magical icecream
    May be Adam wouldn't have had that to be punished by God
    And same I feel I wouldn't have had that and holded you in my life strongly I wish ✨��

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    Life is like icecream Enjoy before it melts