• anubhav123 31w

    Hey life..

    I am not your your soul
    But i feel you
    I am not your father
    But i want to protect you
    I am not a joker
    But i want to make you laugh everytime
    I am not your eyes
    But i want to share your every tear
    I am not your friend
    But in want to share every laugh of yours
    I am not a priest
    But i want to pray for you everytime
    I am not light
    But i promise i remove every darkness of your life

    I am not your hands
    But i want to clap for you every time
    I am not your teacher
    But i did not want to see you distract
    I am not your mother
    But i want to make you fly
    I am not god
    If i was a god
    I open every door of your life
    Who? I am