• crasherv1 5w

    Interpret this as you wish, but in my head, this poem is much deeper than what's on the surface.

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    Lost At Sea

    Lost in a sea of uncertainty,
    A wave of mistakes behind me,
    I look to the horizon,
    Hoping for an end to this storm,
    Violently swirling overhead,
    My heart sunken,
    Flooded with dread,
    The sails start tearing,
    The wood begins to creak,
    Piece by piece it splinters,
    As the sky let's loose a shriek,
    Cascades of furious waves,
    Bombard the ship with malicious intent,
    Back and forth I swayed,
    A knot in my stomach,
    I didn't know what to do next,
    So, with no more options, I prayed,
    I prayed for better days,
    I prayed my family was well and safe,
    I prayed that my friends were okay,
    I prayed for everyone except me,
    Because I was certain of my fate,
    And if today was my last,
    At least I'd be free,
    Whether I made it to safety,
    Or sank to the depths beneath,
    Whatever was to come,
    I embraced the release,
    I found comfort in the thought,
    That when it was all said and done,
    I would finally find peace,
    Whether I'd have lost or won,