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    Life is full with sadness and happiness. Happiness is a little part of our time in simple words happiness is that one friend who comes in your life for a little time and sadness is one who lives with us everytime. Happiness is a very rare emotion of us but most of the time we are sad. One of the major reason of being sad is that we don't know how to enjoy every moment. And now days degree is more important than talent, marks are more important than achievements . It doesn't matter how much you have learnt the thing matters is marks. If you're good at sports it doesn't matter study is more important. This kills the inner talent of a person. Yesterday was CBSE's results. Who scored above 80% congrats and those who got below 80 tumse kuch na ho payega betke thaali bajao ab. Jinka 80 k pas h tumhara fir bhi chance h . but jinka 60 k niche ya fir fail ho tumhari to zindagi jhand ho gyi h. Don't take it seriously I m kidding if u failed in exam don't worry u have other subjects and other lines as well. Do whatever you like. U wanna become singer be a singer, good at sports be a player. There are 1000 of lines here so why always choose one? Be whatever you want do whatever you want don't lose u have to do a lot. Life is very short do it. I don't know how many of you have watched Dil bechara 's trailer. But there is a line which inspired me so much that's "zindagi kab shuru hogi or kab khatam hogi hum decide nahi kar sakte but zindagi jini kaise ha hum decide kar sakte ha " so do whatever you want. Nobody knows what happens when but u can do anything because you have the right. Do it nobody can stop u because you are unstoppable. There are many cases like this many people get depressed and take terrible steps only because of pressure so please don't be scared to make your dream true tell your parents zyada se zyaada kya karenge? Thoda datenge tumhare hi parents ha samay lagega but samaj jayenge. I told my parents as well what I want to be first they denied than they said do whatever u like just always be happy. Parents always need our happiness they want to see us happy. They will not be happy if they found u sad. So I hope you all understand you all are intelligent enough to understand it.

    Sorry for wasting your time in this dumbass piece .
    Thank you ❤

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    Don't worry too much enjoy every moment of life ,because who knows if this moment doesn't comes again?