• syriushayos 10w

    My new year

    Feast days do not just lead us to celebrate, but to value what we have and we always win. The true meaning of Christmas or New Year's parties is to be happy with what you have and to value what you earn. lives looking for ways that give us the feeling of living and being happy. When we are children, we are often selfish children with schoolmates, classmates in the park, we do not share the piece of bread with the classmates beside us, not even at snack time. We didn't share that favorite pencil for fear of the simple, very sharp tip breaking. This symbolizes our fears within a single or collective individualism. Or, when we are adults,
    we don't share our crayons so that none of them are missing from the office desk. I can say that when I was a child I never really knew what Christmas was, because I was never told that bonfires on Christmas Day were a party where the whole family got together. People did not tell me because if I knew, I would realize that I was not there with all my family at my side. So every Christmas party where my mom made rice in a clay pot was our only humble meal. It was just fragrant white rice. We were almost five hungry brothers, wanting panettone and food from the table of the neighbors who held their banquets. And I thought that even adults were selfish because they didn't know how to share food. But everything changed one night, it was New Year's Eve, in 2003. I was seven and I remember playing on top of a hill and sad because the children wore shoes and I didn't. So, I looked at the sky and asked God to make me happy that night, I just wanted to forget everything and just watch the fireworks that went up and down from the skies. . Well, I don't know how to say it here, but a very nice girl appeared and without saying anything just smiled, I was close to her and she put my feet on her lap and put me on with a brown boot, it was as bright as my smile. I was speechless, despite my age. I remember the new year as the day I thanked this woman very much. Time stopped for two seconds and I just remember looking at her and understanding the meaning of so many parties, because it was written on her white blouse: “Welcome 2003”. In fact, even today Christmas still scares me because it is a beautiful night, but when I think there are several poor people around the world, I can barely eat, I just pray and thank you for having a family with me today, and nothing more. But, in fact, it is a countdown that gives me joy and at the same time a feeling of euphoria without knowing what awaits me next year. So I see Christmas as a thank you and the New Year as a great achievement. In all the years that have passed, I only remember those parties where I used to walk barefoot, to later smile with life to this day, I prefer to walk barefoot ..Syrius Hayos