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    Reflect into yourself, Learn from yourself, Medicate yourself, and Spread your self. Let's win back humanity.

    "Remedy to the Cursed"

    Immaculate webs of lies looming around,
    Woven by the elites meant to protect us all,
    Did I say, elites just now!
    Forgive me for praising those fools ,
    Sitting, sleeping inside their cozy cribs,
    Feeling safe, being so high,
    Away from the real world alive.

    That being said don't give up a sigh,
    For we are bigger fools. Hey you, say hi,
    Playing the victim, waiting and blaming,
    Randomly entrapped in those webs so frail,
    When just a flick is enough to give you bail.

    But this isn't an accusation or a blame,
    Cursed we are living in this world so lame,
    Scarred beyond recognition,
    Robbed of our imagination,
    With no shadow to keep company,
    No reflections either, blasphemy,
    Wandering in this desert under a trance,
    Damn I need to change this track.

    So instead of pointing fingers at the top,
    Forget those guns and bombs, let 'em rot,
    Make it rain with love and life,
    Heal yourself from these wounds of plight,
    Medication, rejuvenation, recreation,
    Have faith, worship your actions,
    While spreading humanity in fractions,
    And watch and wait in the corner of your soul,
    As sanity devours them like Kaneki, Tokyo Ghoul.

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    "Remedy to the Cursed"