• bad_trench 11w

    Pride! "A Heavy Burden"

    Pride!! Oh What A Heavy Burden, Takes Everything And Leaves You Wondering.. It Is More Scorching Than The Sun, Like Karma It's Father's Sin Hunts The Son..

    Pride!! A Sin God Detests So Much, Takes Away Love And Fills You With Hate, Here's A Dose Of It's Medicine, What? You Don't Like How It Tastes?

    Pride!! A Destroyer Of Relationship, A Killer Of Friendship.. If Pride Was Human, Murderer Murderer I Would Scream, Oh Sorry I Wasn't Yelling At You, It's Just How I Feel!

    Pride!! An Ostentatious Display Of Oneself, A Deceitful Feeling, An Envious Entity, Mischievous Yet Thrilling!

    Pride!! A Fallen Angel With Wings Of Shame And A Mouth Full Of Lies, A Great Deceiver, Can You Tell Your Wrong From Your Right?

    Knock Knock Let Me Come In!! I Am Better, I Am Richer, I Know All, There's No One More Fairer.. Who Is It? It's Me Pride, Knock Knock Let Me Come In "Oh Pride, What A Heavy Burden"