• msushil 10w

    Dear Paan Singh Tomar,
    before we could
    have purloined
    hygienic lunch
    from your lunch box completely,
    you were
    to the court of God.
    Accused of producing
    the finest cinema
    in the business world,
    you nodded
    to mingle
    with the soul of immortality,
    Who refuses
    to stay with us
    in this mortal world.
    We miss you
    Oh! Our adorable actor.
    We miss you,
    Oh! Our candid portrayer,
    The standard
    you have set
    is impossible to achieve,
    but each tyro
    can dream big
    to walk like you
    with one's own gait.
    The verbose eyes
    silent lips of Billu
    will always inject
    the truest emotions.
    While switching
    the channels on TV,
    your face will loiter,
    we will stop
    to witness you
    with all reverence.
    Oh! Billu of Billu barber,
    Oh! Our Paan Singh Tomar,
    Oh! Our true holder
    of lunch box,
    you will remain
    in our heart
    and in our soul forever.

    #irffan khan

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