• david_vs_a_word 11w

    Winter solstices

    A winter's light hides the cold. A winters night hides the old.
    A Winters light's trounces the innocence. A winter solstice hides cold winds inside of misanthropy. A cold winter kiss marries trained thought behind black fingernails, that dial 911
    In the murder mystery of black eye's, from the lack of tries. The stormy eyes hide cruel notes
    Of bookmarks..that write beneath winter's light. The strain bleaches cold eye's from the place
    Of crooked smiles. The mile runs in a black
    State of wild emotions. The promotion comes
    In deep desire of black sapphires. the water freezes over...leaves the birthmark of broken faces.The traces of waterlines that dangle in black triangles..that rangle points of dust...from beanth the rust....the trust lies in deep cold crises of blue goodbyes. The surprise Rises
    In a state of Perpetual Motion. the ocean Roars
    In beam's of white light, that hide Beneath The Cold night. the right bright bold cold winter site
    Hides in frozen solstices of consciousness.
    The winter solstices only bares black winter cares from beneath the stairs that lie in winters site.........