• fallen_42 31w

    I, lied supine on the ground, under the vast blue sky. Never had I ever felt so still and be perfectly fine with it. The clouds moving holding the hands of winds. A beautiful love story isn't it? Never apart yet never seen. No restrictions of the earthly boundations to be the "perfect one". Clouds raging with the tempest, raining to make his beloved feel secure in her storms. That day I felt the winds caressing me like a mother.
    The sun shone over my face but it didn't burn. Maybe because that day even the sun was cautious to harm me. The music I had played on my phone seemed like a therapist saying everything I needed to hear. More than music, it was a lullaby to my mind. A silent one. Just like rain. Falling calmly as it can over my cheeks, drop by drop.
    I could see the lake from the terrace where I was lying down. The shimmering like the sunshine bouncing over the lake just like a small kid going to playground for the first time. The lake seemed to love it. But water has always been motherly in the way it has given home from the smallest silt particle to biggest boulders under her river. I was alone and never did it seem so fulfilling. The huge mountains which I had always feared as if they were the claws of big monsters changed their shapes to the cradle I so desperately wanted to sit in. Even though I would have fallen, but dissapaearing in nature is much better than losing yourself in the cities. The towers over the mountains claimed their territories like the kings in pure magnificence. I was jealous on how something non living can depict the emotions strongly living and that I lack in.
    And there I slept in the arms of the nature with the music like waterfall drenching me in pure ecstasy. Utopia is never too ideal to even exist. I felt it that day. I have never felt so alive. I have never slept so peacefully. The kind of sleep where I didn't even know if i existed. The kind of sleep I craved for.
    I knew I was there breathing and alive only when my mother woke me up. The aftereffects of such a day lasted long enough to write it as accurately as I can. Perhaps nature does give home to the homeless. I was one. I seeked for one. I got one.