• neermohi 5w

    I'm waiting
    I'm waiting
    Where is my ego gone?
    Where were you long before?
    I'm waiting in the rain,
    Where is this rainbow come from?
    I'm waiting
    I'm waiting
    But not sorry at all
    I'm standing here all alone
    Tho it's not where I belong
    I'm waiting
    I'm waiting
    Where's my fuckin' Ego gone?
    I'm standing all alone
    and still I'm invisible to all
    I waited so so long,
    When I'll be realize
    There's a thing's you can't get over but
    Now I'm done with death of thoughts
    I'm Leaving to the room of cloud
    Moving towards the frequencies of childish laugh
    Where there is no need to wait too long
    Because I'm unable to find the ego of mine.
    I waited
    I waited
    Now It is a crazy child,
    Who's crying inside
    The fire all around
    and it's burning the fogs
    Feels like there's ahead a bright future
    Waiting alone
    Waiting alone.