• alisdaire_ocaoimph 6w

    Tae A' tha woes

    Here's tae a' tha woes
    Tha I dinnie wish tae Ken
    Weeping oot aye agreeting
    Fa a' tha tuppenny wants an cares.

    What in this uncertainty
    That hangs upon its
    Mis-toned embrace
    Destined the fall
    The spiral craw
    From beginning
    To end.

    What from heart
    To mouth liberates
    Then frees
    The opened salute
    To loves pious path
    Restrained, renamed
    Delivered upon the breath
    It's simple plead
    The need
    To be.

    Heavy the broken
    Forsaken Tolkien
    That rumbles the strained
    Course, the unnamed
    Vision of her face
    The place that floods fills
    Retains the spills
    Of tears lost upon falls
    Where deep the heart recalls
    Yesterday's promise
    Tomorrow's dream.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph