• thoughts_laid_out 5w

    Another puzzle to solve

    "Wait, did you just solve that?" She asks as I finished the Rubix cube. "Yeah, it is easy once you know the algorithm." Amazed she began asking questions on how to solve it. "I forgot the exact wording for the rotations, but I can show you how to." She began to fiddle with it for a little while before getting frustrated by it, "don't worry, with enough practice, you will solve it faster than me" I told her, trying to encourage her.
    I thought she had given up, but to my amazement she bought one for herself.
    "Look what I got!" She said in her photo showing off her cube, "I'm going to slove it faster than you!"
    I wonder if she ever did solve it or did she hide it away after we stopped talking. I hope she solved it, I hope she practiced and practiced and now can solve it faster than me. It would be nice if we start talking again and she solves it and boasts about how she told me she would.