• porcelainxheart 6w

    For those who live with chronic pain ~ #spontaneous #pain @mirakee

    Pain doesn’t hurt
    When it’s all you’ve ever known
    No, nothing’s quite so forbidding
    Finding yourself
    Awaking each morning
    To your whole body
    Immersed in stinging
    Where every, aching muscle
    Cries out and groans
    Striking a kind of agony
    Strong enough to grind your bones
    You never have to worry
    About being a tragic junkie
    When you’re already
    A frantic drug addict like this
    Heavily sedated by narcotics
    Anticipating and deliberating
    Your next fix
    Popping numerous
    Prescriptions and medications
    To the everlasting, debilitating
    Symptoms that spontaneously arise
    Just waiting for the numbing
    Sensation to settle in
    And the sharp starvation
    Slowly subsides
    No, you’ll never have to fear
    Giving up on existence
    When your own body already has
    Heaving around its’ lifeless
    Skeletal, diseased carcass
    Trudging and dragging it through
    Tedious trials and tribulations
    Repeated errors and motions
    Major setbacks and backtracks
    Of all the diagnostics, verdicts,
    Prognosis’s and calculations
    And they say there’s
    Always someone out there
    Worse off than you
    But, you can’t help
    To want to meet
    That other poor, pitiful fool
    Just so you can see and believe
    You’re not out in this
    Harsh world alone

    Because, sometimes
    You can’t help but to feel
    Your miniscule problems
    Are still of great magnitude
    Even in the bigger scheme of things
    For you’re now all too aware
    Of the devastations
    You’ve so far been shown
    And maybe, just maybe
    You wish to brace yourself
    For what life’s hand hasn’t yet thrown….


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