• grimex 30w

    Let me steal your heart

    Wherever you run and wherever you hide, I know you have secrets deep down inside.
    I know you love jewelry and things that may shine, but when it comes to my feelings for you it's always like a fine wine.
    Can you at least give me a sign, that shows me and you are fine.
    Did I ever cross your mind, or go past that fine line.
    I hope you realize that I want you to be mine, you are better than any woman that I know of as I am not blind.
    You should have confidence in someone that should be up above, you are the reason why I am in love.
    In love with the person that I am today, in love with the person that always runs away.
    Anytime so many catches my interest you wait and see, if I ever got married you'd wonder if it was meant to be.
    If I ever got married I tell you first, so you would understand and so things won't get worse.
    I want to be with you and wish I could chase you forever, but I want you to know that I want us to be together.
    Can't you see that or feel that in the air, the moments we had in the feelings we shared.
    The things that we stolen especially hearts, face it I fell in love with you for the very start.
    You're special to me and I hope I Still Into You, why I care about you so much is the fact that even when things get tough you never show that you got the blues.
    Let's smoke the night away with the sound of jazz in the night sky, I will continue to chase you till the day I die.