• xamber52 10w

    # sorry # forever # unfaithful # goodbye # fall

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    So sorry..

    I never will regret the time I spent with you.
    But now I have to let go of what I thought was true.
    I caught you taking off your wedding band.
    Never knew she had your hand.
    When we were together, you acted like I was your forever.
    You treat me like someone I always wished to be.
    Now I walk away setting you free.

    I will never look at you in the way that I used to.
    I will never be unfaithful and act like I love you.
    I am saying goodbye, because you decided to lie.
    I am wiping my tears, and saying goodbye.

    You know what is so funny, you haven't changed at all.
    Someday you will fall.
    I see you still take off your ring.
    I guess that is your thing.
    I wish to never fall in love with another guy like you.
    I want a man who is honest and is true.
    I feel bad for the woman who sleeps in your