• tardigrade 9w

    Memorable me

    Life's fleeting, we're often told
    One day the youth struts, the next day you're old.
    If everyday was a page of my life's story
    What would I mean to the people who know me.

    My mother would retell
    How I was a good child!
    Ofcourse, I made her crazy
    But I could make it right with a smile.

    My father would tell you
    About his number one fan
    That man could do no wrong
    I was really a stan.

    My sister with some regret
    Characteristic of younger ones
    Will tell you how I was the favorite
    That apish charming old dunce.

    My girl would reminisce
    How I loved her dearly
    But the red in my veins
    Chose heart over brains quite clearly.

    My friends who would have
    Nothing nice to say to my face.
    Will tell you how I was brilliant
    In 50000 different ways.

    And I shall remember
    Myself through their eyes.
    Afterall once you are gone
    Its through them that you survive.

    Amidst all the uncertainty
    Of what happens once you are dead
    I think I shall go on
    Through my loved ones instead.