• voiceofmymind 9w


    How I wish not to grow old
    But to remiam that same old naughty kiddo

    Without any worries
    Just playing over the mud puddles
    Dancing to all the heard tunes
    Waiting to fight and chide
    And yet wish not to be
    blammed or complained

    Waiting for the bell to ring
    just to run out of the school
    to give mom a hug and walk.along with her holding her hands feeling her love talking all about what happened still hiding all the mischief that I did and feel guilty
    Yet trying to.wear mask of perfection just to make her feel proud of her daughter

    Wait for Dad to return home
    just to demand for lil gifts or
    to play all funny stuff
    Eat some snack packs with him and
    see him dosing off watching TV

    Sleep with a dream of the next new day
    back to school
    waiting to sit next your partner
    To take revenge
    To talk and blame her
    To play and eat together
    Requesting her to slow down
    in eating and writing so that......

    That was an awesome life with
    amazing moments
    So much to think of
    So much to count on
    With the grief realize
    That those golden days
    Would never come back
    And replace this challenging life
    With pathetic path of life
    With ups and downs and pros and cons
    Forced to prove yourself to move on
    To go with the flow of life