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    Rant. #midnightrantbyr

    When a year ends we see how times have changed, how we have changed - but we fail to notice how we change every day, no next day is the same as the last one, no person is the same as yesterday, no place is same as what it was once.
    @/kehta_hai_joker you'll be forever missed 20/10/2020

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    A friend asked me today
    out of 10, how many times are you honest
    and I heard silence echo in my heart
    breaking a glass into millions of pieces
    at that moment - silence bled
    There is no definite answer to
    why do I or anyone else, lies
    maybe because sometimes
    truths are not enough
    and other times they are burdening
    People lie to win certain hearts
    and others lie to get rid of them
    it's a maze with no definite end
    but with every step we take
    we are one step closer to a void
    Hypocrisy is not something we choose
    but it chooses us
    and in the beginning it's guilt we see
    by the end it is who we become
    (or maybe we think so)
    Maybe we are a stack of lies
    and if not
    then who are we?