• embodiedlove 9w

    Divine Angels

    She calls them her Angels
    Her avid fans and supporters
    I met most of them over a year ago
    Really accommodating and friendly, too
    I felt instant connection with few of them
    Truly, we made a great team.

    They added me up to their group chat
    Where they talk about her a lot
    Surprisingly, I enjoyed the company
    Of bubbly and incredible personalities
    These people look after each other
    And are very happy to help no matter.

    What I could say strengthens the bond
    Is how she connects us as one
    I'm pretty sure it all evolved around her
    Until they found a friend in one another
    I wasn't a stranger to most of them
    And I admit, I really felt the same.

    Then this Covid-19 destroyed everyone's plans
    People had no choice but to stay their place
    Many relationships became more virtual
    The virus is just too cruel.
    I confess, the situation left me too stressed
    And even at times, really depressed.

    But the group chat became more active
    It made me more enthusiastic
    That after work, I look forward to
    Talking to these people who are so true
    The exchange of wit is far too natural
    Though I'd like to call them "abnormal vampires".

    They are my unexpected friends indeed
    My happy pill before I go to sleep.
    Guess my nights would be incomplete
    Without their messages I enjoy to read
    So, thank you my crazy "chatmates"
    For giving my every night a good treat.