• anna_23 5w


    Darkness surrounds me
    Inside this cage I will never be free
    Silence is all I hear now
    Hollowed out hearts don't make a sound

    Heart filled with regret
    I'm trying so hard to forget
    But I keep remembering
    The silence and the darkness

    I don't want to depress myself
    But here I am, laying in the dark
    Pain, I bear it's mark
    This feeling grips me, and holds on tight
    And no matter how hard I fight
    I keep falling back
    Back to the darkness and the silence

    But there's always someone there for you
    To get you out of this gloom
    To make you rise and bloom
    Just take a deep breath, and stand straight
    You'll find someone for you, find a good mate
    This is not your fate
    You can rise, and become something great