• ahomsey 5w


    until it is you've been oppressed
    you can't judge how we choose to protest
    even if it's getting dressed
    in full riot gear while fighting back tears
    because we've been at this war for years
    as they sit around and mock our fears
    telling us to choose other ways to steer
    to them our message still isn't clear
    even though for hundreds of years
    we've worn the scars that they give then disregard
    but like our ancestors we'll fight as hard
    just to have a voice
    so we have a choice
    to not be killed
    we realize our part in this revolution won't be televised
    the media spreading lies to meet their truth
    they don't want us to get through
    they want us to sit and stay silent
    just obey a curfew
    but we're black full time
    so NO, we won't go inside
    until we can change your minds
    because we're so sick of fucking dying