• theknown_girl 9w

    And sweetheart,
    you left me
    alone, broken
    believed all your
    sweet sugar coated lies
    again and
    again and
    how silly I am
    how couldn't I
    you are blessed with
    numerous adjectives
    and you used those beautifully.
    in each corner,
    each piece of my heart
    your name was there.
    your morning wishes
    and those night texts
    has power to make
    me blush.
    but, now,
    they bring tears.
    three months, eighteen days,
    and seven hours
    we didn't talked.
    but darling,
    you were there in my
    verses and poetries
    your memories prick
    me, very deep inside,
    day and night.
    my skies truned
    blue to dark.
    tell me honey
    how will i forget
    those silly talks
    about the
    sun and the moon
    and the trees and the
    flowers and
    you were hard to love
    still i dared
    now, see my results
    you don't even cared.
    do i really
    deserve this..?!
    you made me
    numb, empty, hollow
    in every possible way.
    now I'm not
    the same
    I used to be.
    I changed.
    I changed.
    I changed.
    I changed a lot dear.

    Don't fear my love..
    KARMA exists.

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    °•you were hard to love, darling still i dared•°