• aafat_011 6w

    You know what is more scarier than shaky hands, teary eyes and stormy mind?
    The conflict of words and emotions that unwind.
    I sent him letters as my messengers of love,
    But to him they were mere pieces of paper which he shove away.
    I hid and kept our picture in my wallet as a beautiful memory of our love,
    But to him it was a mere photograph taken at some long forgotten photo booth.
    I prayed for his prosperity hand over heart from dusk to dawn,
    But to him it was a mere mediocre act or drama.
    I still believed in gifting him a ring and rose as my first ever present to him,
    But to him it was a mere insignificant piece of metal.
    How was my 20th century old school love for him supposed to survive in this fast and swift 21st century?
    While being old school is in my core,
    It was obvious that I was nothing but just a bore to him!

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    My 20th century love for you
    ~Khushi Shah

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