• nnowayadaeze 10w


    Look beyond the walls
    Open the boundaries
    Dare to peer out
    And scheme your escape

    From the ladder, you are standing
    Seems so high and unimaginable
    Dare to climb and reach out
    Have a sneak glance

    Of what you just might be
    Of what you still dream
    What inspires and delights you
    That gives you your steam

    They might have gone quiet
    Those big goals and dreams
    Your head pounds on its impossibilities
    So, they're scary, it seems

    Your underestimation, fear and doubt
    All act as a big wall holding you back
    But this ladder which seems high
    Has gotten too small

    So shut, break, bend or lower
    Those limiting walls in your head
    Seek, grow, and prosper
    And learn from your falls

    What you would've done
    Where could you have won
    What levels would you have been
    If those pesky walls weren't limiting you

    So chase your big goals without fear
    Beyond this safe zone
    Step out that tiny box, the one you've outgrown
    And reach the possible you thought was impossible.