• blinklain 9w


    We started in the vibe of a candlelight
    A rushed of fire within the calm night
    The sudden feelings that came in sight
    Maybe it got too real that you chose to flight

    Hands of the clock struck to twelve so fast
    What we used to have came to last
    You bade goodbye because you haven't seen what must
    Now I'm stuck here in the corner of dust

    You held my hand and made me felt new
    But as we started to take a step , you went skew
    I got lost finding the reason or any clue
    Can you tell me if what we even had was true?

    Leaving me confused in the middle
    Was there something that I did that made you impel?
    Or am I just too hard to read and spell?
    I thought what's ahead us is not painful as hell

    In a second, what we started was gone
    Every feeling felt like it's all for none
    Now, I'm gonna take a step 'cause I'm done
    I hope you'll be happy as you find the right man