• inneme 10w

    Its me im weak

    It's me thats allows my emotions to feel weak for u I let u make me weak so does this make me weak minded.
    My mund did have a weak moment when I let u slude in an make my soul weak with pleasure an pressure an pain from tour inner self making me an onlt my emotions believe the weak ass lies u tell me.
    Its me that allows u to make me feel like tour tight when we as one know your wrong I was wrong but now as I right my wrings u make me feel weak as if im wrong but in reality its just u not wanting to believe I would change for u because u barely xhamged for me but im weak for the love you've always given an still give.
    Help me its me I'm weak my hurt an pain that come from u I let myself be weak an take the pain to make u feel more of a mna I have morals but for u I won't shiw u it im smarter then u think but im sumb for u im jumble but fumble for u make me weak for loving u knowing u still hurt me but the love feels better one day it may end in blood or on good terms.
    Its me im in live an weak but smarter then u think