• thuggacee 5w

    Get back up

    To many times I gave myself pain so others wouldn't have it to feel
    While I was allowing fake friends in my life I stayed solid and kept it real
    There is a lesson for us all to learn from what we do and what we get
    To much we feel that hurts so we use any drug that we can hit
    Over time we won't even be able to remember who we even are
    Our dreams are lost just like everyone is to of loved us so far
    Left to be alone in a place we don't want our life to be
    Living this life as a hell that is given not only for me
    So while I wait for better days I pray are waiting just ahead
    I learn to be thankful for these losses I battle in this life today instead
    As much as I hurt I still find a way to smile through it all
    And i keep going getting back up when I stubble trip or fall