• doshimeghana7 6w

    Colours Make Life
    (Blitz Poem)

    Life Is Black & White
    Life Is Full Of Colours
    Colours Are Colourful
    Colours Make Our Life
    Life Is A Blank Canvas
    Life Needs Painting
    Painting The Heart
    Painting The Soul
    Soul Keep It Pure White
    Soul Should Never Be Black
    Black Is Darkness
    Black Is Fear
    Fear Replace With Love
    Fear Replace With Colour Red
    Red Is Power And Strength
    Red Is Passion And Desire
    Desire A Colourful Life
    Desire Masterstrokes In Life
    Life Devoid Of Colours
    Life Helpless And Bland
    Bland Life Is Boring
    Bland Life Is Meaningless
    Meaningless When You Concentrate On Negativity
    Meaningless When You Concentrate On Colour Black
    Black Is Evil
    Black Is Aggression And Authority
    Authority Over Own Life Is Important
    Authority Over Others Avoid
    Avoid Changing Yourself For Others
    Avoid Risking Your Dreams For Others
    Others Wont Paint Your Life
    Others Wont Share Your Pain
    Pain Avoid Colour Yellow
    Pain Replace With Colour Blue
    Blue Is Peace And Loyalty
    Blue Is Stability And Trust
    Trust Your Intuitive Mind
    Trust In God
    God Sees Your Heart First
    God Never Overlooks Your Bad Actions
    Actions Determine Who We Are
    Actions Failure Is Like Mincing Words
    Words Singularly The Most Powerful Weapon
    Words Can Make Or Break
    Break The Pattern Of Hurting Others
    Break The Rule Book
    Book Of Your Own Life
    Book Be Bestseller And Colourful

    Meghana Doshi