• _manasi_ 23w

    Not everything that shatters make noise. There's a song about this in Bollywood. But not many people believe or even understands this statement and its validity. For people, if they can't see it externally, it doesn't exist. The pain. And sometimes even if they do, they'll call it a result of being dramatic, overthinking or the best- lazy. Yeah, people cut themselves, because they are lazy. People take their lives away, because they are overthinking or they are just being a dramatic. Seriously?
    When? Tell me when will they know or learn or understand the importance of mental health? Of mental illness? How is it so easy to deny the existence of emotions and feelings in this world? In this world, where there are so many fragile, delicate beings who are hurting, where there is so much bad things happening all around and in people's lives all at the same time?
    Yeah, I know, life goes on, people leave, season changes and all that; I ain't denying that. But how people be all chilled and at peace in a world like this ? Where emotions are silly, where crying is childish, where all that matters IS money, status, fame, success. That's it? That's all life's about? Materialistic pleasures? Does nothing else matters? Nothing?
    How do they live? People who don't value emotions? I don't know. How do they settle in with the hurt? Or do they simply no more feel it ?