• red_djinn_king 26w

    You Burn in your own Fire

    You Burn in your own Fire
    As your One Lover Hides
    In Perpetual Disguise
    You are Self-immolatIng
    In the Arms of Desire
    Her Clinging-Twin
    A Hungry Witch
    Dressed in the black clothes
    Of a coward and liar
    She holds you as a slave
    Oh Child Uncreated
    As you would fill a damp depression
    In the Emptiness of the Earth
    Next to her, to give her comfort
    Pulling back your tendriled head from the brink of an Abyss,
    To give birth
    The shock of your own image
    Cursing yourself into consciousness
    Now you shall wander a wilderness A collapsed shade in dark prayer
    Constricting form held up
    by an undying self-love
    a thousand images in melting ice
    Shuddering in a cloaked mass
    Of imperfect gravity
    How I have sealed myself off from grace, lying in a torment
    An empty embrace,
    Cold to my yearning
    Lost Love,
    On fire in the wayward snows
    How I have come to know myself
    In the solitary Void
    An endless open tomb,
    And Fell as a dead star, deep
    Into myself, drawing a blue window
    Through the wall of Night
    There is no retribution by my Lover
    Who still stands beneath the tree in stillness,
    Forever gazing at me