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    This word has done something for everyone which may be in a positive way or a negative way..having both positive and negative impacts.
    You might be thinking about changes in your life while reading this..Not all changes only those major ones..Those one's which completely changed you, your way of thinking.
    Can talk about this in many ways..many perspectives...many views..many effects.
    You can talk about change in you..Made by the promises done by you for you..Because a person extremely effected due to his environment..society..There comes a stage on his life where that person is like "I don't care" or "Ignore" but is that the way to live..till how much you'll not care you'll have to..till what stage of your life you'll just ignore ..you can't ignore that much..You'll have to face ..Because ignoring will make you stubborn in my perspective like you can't resist saying anything against the evil..Yeah evil..That all said againest your wishes..your passion..your favs ..why?
    "I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception" (Unknown)
    I always had btw I'm having a wish to be free all time..Travelling even though I've travelled a lot but Like I feel something's incomplete..Not fullfilled..I want to find my passion ..I never liked even though till now don't like to study...Because I believe that it's not all..Studying is important no doubt..but mostly the students take it as everything..that's not fair guys..
    This change was from always in me..
    There comes change for passion..your wishes..but I've listened change for people..Those people who were againest you..
    Are you sure then?.
    Those people who just say you every that thing that stood against or stood as a barrier to your passion ..your wish and those people shouldn't have been effected by your choices..
    Are you completely sure?.
    I prefer to your choice in front of those soulless.heartless people...
           People changing all the time

    "People constantly change so don't ever think you fully know someone" (Anonymous)
    This tells us..you may have understood..
    Never believe you when you think you completely know anyone they'll change for them or to prove you wrong..
    Change comes by age..time..experience..vy being effected..but this change within us may change the world.
    But sometimes we do change not alot but that change is like when we thinl like were we like this bwfore.eww...aghh.that was weird...But that was us..We often are like that..That is change
    Someone greatly said:
    "Be the change you wish to see in the world"
    "Everyone wishes to change the world but no one thinks of changing themselves"
    Changing you is..Controlling you..Making limits for others...Controlling your anxiety..anger issues telling it not to be higher then your patience..Believing in the motto.. A kindness per day... a laugh all the time..a smile for always.. instead of A fight..a post..a song...A loss per day..
    The change I always believed is the best.."Be down to earth"..the humble one...Don't have attitude that snatches you from people ..Be the smiling one..and you'll be the beautiful one..
    Hope you'll smile at the last of reading this..Pass it one..Spread a bit smile..Spread positivity..This way I might've done kindness per day by making you ..The already beautiful one more beautiful..Making you smile