• shaazah 5w

    RaInY sEaSoN....

    Rainy season ,a beautiful season;
    To fleece all my mawkishness mercifully;
    Before rain,
    Sees dragon flies all over the sky as a inkling of rain;
    During rain,
    The earthy scent of the soil pulls me away;
    And sitting near the window, enjoys the cool and gentle breeze with drizzly rain;
    And have a cup of hot tea, and reads our favorite book;
    And makes paper ships and float them in rain water,
    Which brings us back to our childhood days;
    Then pull along the blanket with a deep sleep ,and a beautiful dream in it;
    After rain, seeing rainbow in the sky makes us to feel colorful;
    Like rainbow, May our lives shine as bright as the seven colours;
    Let's enjoy the rainy season with me ...❤️⛈️⛈️☔️