• anonymous_droid 10w

    love's ambition

    It is true that I have ambitions , I won't deny I place them b4 all. But with you I've reason to live through every season. With every dusk and dawn thoughts of you cloud my mind, when I think of you, I see every reason to smile. You are the reason behind my smile. This feelings although inexplicable, I know the reason it's no one but you. There are many things I'm not sure if but of this I'm certain, truly you have shown me the path to love
    If at all this feeling is mutual, hold my hands let's travel this path.
    The hurdles we face on this path,
    All through the journey ur burden I'll carry
    I'be heard stories, of people falling in a treasure hole called love
    My knees are littered with injuries from falling
    My mind drained, from trying to stand up
    I'm sorry to tell you, I will fall no more
    This I'm sure of, this I'll assure
    If you walk with me this path of feelings
    This legs of mine, will not grow weary
    Where you are, my heart will be
    My treasure, that you'll be
    You will be my victory, my only trophy
    I'm sorry my ambitions, before they are positioned
    I'm only yours, when ambition is not calling